Eastney Beach with renovation space in the background.

PMC Construction has begun work to restore and construct the historic shelter at Eastney beach promenade in Portsmouth.

Speaking at the East Southsea Neighbourhood Forum, Managing Director Steve Cripps described the restoration project to help revive the local area.

What’s happening at the Eastney Promenade?

Eastney, a lively beach destination in South-East Portsmouth, is soon to receive public shelter across the 1.5 miles of unsheltered beach east of the Southsea Beach Café.

Source: Steve Daniels via Wikipedia

PMC and its prominent partners are committing thousands of pounds’ worth of work into completing this community project.

“The complex process of repairing, replacing and rebuilding hundreds of rusty sections of century-old Edwardian cast iron will be tackled using local skills and resources,” Cripps said.

Who will be developing and managing the Eastney Promenade project?

The scheme is being project managed by PMC with South Parade Trust. The Trust is a social enterprise made up of local Portsmouth people dedicated to improving and maintaining the historic Hampshire city.

Local corporate sponsors include civil engineers Parchow Groundworks and HGP Architects of Fareham, who designed the Spinnaker Tower. PMC are also working with Vivid Housing, who have helped develop schemes such as Goldsmith Avenue.

PMC is also employing local blacksmith Pete Clutterbuck to do a preliminary build in warehouse space at Fratton provided free by Portsmouth Football Club.

Clutterbuck, responsible for building the Southsea Bandstand on the seafront near the Common, will repair or replace cast iron pieces along the promenade.

How is the scheme funded?

The sponsors have generously multiplied a grant from Portsmouth City Council to complete the scheme.

The scheme was started by a group of local volunteers with the aid of previous local sponsors Rowlands Plant Services, BAE Systems and Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust.

When will the Eastney Promenade scheme be finished?

PMC aim to have the project completed by summer/autumn 2019.