About Project

Kings House is an historic building once owned by Brighton & Hove City Council situated on Hove seafront.  It has been turned into a development of 169 apartments by building two new blocks and redeveloping the main building, creating a fantastic mix of old and new.

The existing Grade II listed building has been turned into 69 exclusive apartments, whilst the other 100 dwellings have been incorporated into one 6-storey and one 10-storey block, situated behind Kings House.

The original Kings House building was erected in 1870 and has since been residential homes, a hotel, a navy training base during the war and offices, they even found hidden vaults below the ground floor.  Brighton & Hove City Council relocated in October 2016 to free up funding for vital community services.

The site continues to be developed.

  • Client

    Joint Venture Project between Rego Property and Mortar Nova Grand Avenue

  • Project Value

    £37 million

  • Location

    Hove, Brighton

  • Category

    Private Housing, Regeneration, Residential